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    International Exchange and Cooperation

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     FFIC keeps intensive  relationship with foreign organizations and importers:

    1) Cooperating with foreign test organizations, such as LOM (Spain), AIDICO (Spain), TNO (Holland), BAM (Germany), TUV (Germany), CERL (Canada ) , IMP (Poland) , GOST (Russia)

    2) Receiving visit from abroad nearly 40 times annually, holding International fireworks technology forums and International fireworks safety and quality forum, having wide influence on International fireworks industry.

    3) Positively responding to foreign fireworks technical trade measures, accumulating the latest law and regulations as well as standards, training manufactures on time.

    CPSC Visit in 2004
    CPSC Visit in 2012
    Classification Test with BVD
    Sign cooperation agreement on CHAF project
    Audit by BAM
    Audit by Russian GOST
    Holland Officer visit
    APA visit
    Japan fireworks association visit
    Sign cooperation agreement with LOM
    TUV (Germany) Audit