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    In order to improve the quality of service, protect legal rights and interests of the client and maintain clients’ secrets, Fireworks and Firecracker Inspection Centre hereby makes the following service promise:

    1.    Standing as an impartial third-party, the Centre should timely provide services in fireworks and firecrackers testing with objectiveness, impartiality and accuracy to the client in accordance with the laws and regulation of different client.

    2.    Under the authority of the Corporate, all testing activities of the Centre are free from intervention of higher administrative personnel or department to ensure that the verdicts continually keep independence and integrity.

    3.    The Centre formulates The procedures for control of impartial activities to ensure that its personnel are free from any undue commercial, financial and other pressures which might influence their testing quality ,in this their secrets are maintained on impartiality and honesty.

    4.    The Centre constitutes The procedures to protect the clients’ confidential information and proprietary rights to protect the client’s legal rights and interests by taking strict protective and confidential measures to their secrets, information and proprietary rights.